Who am I?


Hello. Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Marissa Asli. I am a Writer, Blogger and Communications Assistant.

I believe that friends are the family we choose, that each day should be lived as though it were our last, and that we owe it to ourselves to follow our life’s dream – even if doing so means shedding bucket-loads of blood, sweat and tears in the quest to fulfil it. I value loyalty above all other qualities, and am a graduate from the school of thought that advocates making lemonade when life pelts you with unwanted lemons.

I take pleasure in the simple things: a stroll in my local park, lunch with my girl (and boy!) friends, having a genius father who expertly repairs my beloved laptop each time it’s in need of technical TLC, heart to hearts with my mother and sister (older!) whilst boring updating both on my latest writing exploits.

I live and work in the fabulous metropolis that is London.

Many words have been used to describe this great city: beautiful, historical, bustling, frantic, multicultural, expensive, vibrant, stunning…

But for me, one word sums up London best: home.

I started this blog as a way to explore a city I’m guilty of taking for granted simply because it is home. London’s Calling allows me to share my personal experience of daily life, random tidbits, plus the hidden gems – the places off the beaten tourist track that rarely, if ever, find their way onto holiday itineraries; a way to give an insight into aspects of life in London; a way to share the array of amazing green spaces, delectable food and drink and captivating literary offerings London so proudly offers up to all who wish to partake. Last but by no means least, London’s Calling is my way of connecting with you, my readers. So, whatever part of the world YOU call home: a warm welcome.

Enjoy your virtual visit!

Marissa Asli x