I would truly love to hear from you. Yes, YOU!

Are you from a continent near or far? From a rural village or a big, sprawling city? Still wrestling with the basics of English grammar or a linguistic genius who could make Shakespeare weep with envy? I invite one and all to get in touch. We’ll find a way to understand each other, I’m sure.

OVER TO YOU…Is there a hidden gem in the capital – a unique/quirky place, shop, market or the like – which you think tourists and Londoner’s deserve to know about? If so, please send me an email with further details, ensuring “submission” is written in the subject line.

FREELANCE WORK: If you are interested in discussing freelance writing opportunities (for magazine, newspaper, website) please get in touch.

LASTLY…Views and opinions will always be 100% unbiased and my own. I will never promote a company, place or product in exchange for free goods/publicity etc.

Email: marissalondonscalling [at] gmail [dot] com

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