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Mondays seem to elicit the deepest, longest sighs of any of the other six days, so much so we barely enjoy Sunday for hatred of the following morning to come. To help you on your way to beating down the Monday blues here are a few interesting and happy news stories/titbits from London and beyond. Who said only sad, depressing tales should make the headlines!? Go on: share with friends and family, and spread some Monday love:

Check out these AMAZING PICTURES AROUND THE WORLD  (how magnificent is the waterfall in Iceland, the Chilean coast or the Cornish village? I wasn’t entirely convinced all the images deserved to be classed as ‘amazing’. Indeed, I wondered what some were doing on the list at all! Still, see what you think…)

Do you guys smoke? A friend of mine has recently quit so when I saw this I was immediately drawn to the article. She is going to find out for herself the answer to: HOW MUCH COULD YOU SAVE IF YOU QUIT SMOKING?

I found these CARS MADE FROM STRANGE STUFF so interesting!

A few days ago, I overheard a lady at work mulling over how awful it would be if she was ever kidnapped and her family didn’t pay the ransom because they secretly didn’t want her safely returned. Just as I thought of it, colleagues in her team were quick to point out that THIS FILM already covers the premise. Bette Midler’s character (Barbara) is kidnapped, which is just perfect as far as her husband is concerned. Sam (played by Danny DeVito) has already been plotting how to kill her and get his greedy hands on all of her money so, as long as he holds tight and doesn’t pay, the kidnappers will do the dirty work for him. Thereafter, he and his mistress can live out the rest of their days in outrageous luxury. Hilarious dark comedy that will brighten up any Monday!

On a related note – is Bette Midler a better singer or actress? Tough one…!



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    Unfortunately I was too late to pull all the pictures from archive. But, the picture of the oasis in the desert is awesome. Expression of nature beyond ordinary imagination.

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      Truly amazing pictures, aren’t they? I’ll have a link to some equally amazing National Geographic images this coming week so be sure to visit again. x

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