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Mondays seem to elicit the deepest, longest sighs of any of the other six days, so much so we barely enjoy Sunday for hatred of the following morning to come. To help you on your way to beating down the Monday blues here are a few interesting and happy news stories/titbits from London and beyond. Who said only sad, depressing tales should make the headlines!? Go on: share with friends and family, and spread some Monday love:

Metro is a free London newspaper that I read on my early morning commute to work. Recently, it featured results of a poll detailing the top 50 ‘gripes’ (things that get on the nerves) of us folks here in Britain. 700 people were surveyed. Clearly this number is a drop in the ocean when you’re talking about a population of millions. Still, based on the fact most of the results cover gripes which friends, family and colleagues have whinged about at some time or other, I’d say the list is, if not definitive, then at least an accurate enough starting point.

A few gripes I did expect to see: public transport, overcrowded trains (I wasn’t one of the 700 questioned. Honest!), spam email, house prices, expensive mineral water, speed cameras, DFS sales adverts (in fact, as I write this, a DFS advert airs in the background, assuring me the latest winter sale is now on!)

There were a handful of gripes I was surprised to see make the list: cat poo, clocks changing, pigeons…

One gripe, though, simply made me laugh out loud. Guessed what it is yet?

Monday mornings!

I kid you not! It really did make the top 50. It felt like vindication for this post and made me realise the importance of spreading some Monday love. Check out the full list HERE .

I love pancakes. For me, they’re up there with chicken, white fish, salad, fruit and vegetables. This Tuesday 17th February is Pancake Day here in England. For those of you who feel the same about pancakes, check out these great RECIPES as well as PANCAKE-RELATED EVENTS IN LONDON.

Property comes at a premium in London these days. Even garages are out of my price-range! So it’s great for start-up businesses (which are a necessary part of a healthy London economy) to have more affordable OPTIONS such as these.

If you live in the UK, I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ve come across a story which has touched me deeply. On the other hand donations did pour in from all over the world so, even if you live abroad, likelihood is you’ve come across the story too. If not, I hope you’ll follow the link and read. In what can often feel like a dog-eat-dog world it’s easy to believe everyone is out only for themselves. This story serves as a reminder that there are truly genuine people out there; men and women who restore our collective faith in human decency with acts of kindness so touching they (and their act/s of kindness) takes your breath away. I’m not overly emotional but THIS HEART-WARMING STORY brought a tear even to my habitually dry eyes!

Happy Monday, one and all.



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