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London is the most popular city in the world. No, not just because I think that’s true. It’s an official finding – direct from MasterCard’s annual study into Global tourism. London has come out on top five times in seven years. Great news, though I suppose it’s hardly surprising.

What I did find surprising were the mind-blowing figures involved. The capital is expected to welcome almost 19 million visitors this year, and it’s anticipated that these same visitors will spend just over £13 billion. Yes, you read that right – £13 billion! It goes without saying therefore that London’s infrastructure must be able to cope not only with these staggering visitor numbers but it’s ever increasing resident population. Failure to do this, quite frankly, is not an option.

I found this interesting. Some things I’ll definitely give a miss, but others seem worth a whirl. Like Taste of London, Bakkhai and Cubania, which all sound fabulous. My best friend is due to see the one and only Ed Sheeran in concert this July so I know those are hot tickets to get your hands on…if tickets remain, that is. Any events stand out for you?

The Goonies is a great film written by Steven Spielberg (who else?). In a nutshell, it follows a group of teenagers who find a map that leads them on a hunt for hidden treasure. Yet it’s so much more than that. Along with Curly Sue, it’s perhaps the film of my childhood. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched it over the years. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that The Goonies turned 30 on 7th June. 30! To othose of you reading this with a reminiscent smile on your face – visualising Chuck’s belly roll dance or Mouth’s hilarious Spanish translation for housekeeper Rosalita – you’ll know exactly why 30 years warrants a mention. To those of you for whom The Goonies means absolutely nothing beyond a film title, why not check it out tonight after a long day at the office? Or, better yet, this coming weekend, watch it with your kids, godchildren, nieces and/or nephews and introduce a whole new generation to this masterpiece of cinema?

Happy Birthday Goonies. Happy Monday, one and all!


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