forgive me not

Teenage girls Marsha Chen, Sema Ozkan and Sian Bates have already learnt some of life’s harshest lessons.

Then their paths cross, and they stumble into one another’s lives, bringing with them buried secrets and lies; forming their own sacred sisterhood – a sorority that, for a while at least, cocoons each girl from the darkness they are trying to outrun.

Fast-forward ten years, to the present day, and tragedy strikes – a tragedy so unexpected, so horrifying, that it rips at the very heart of their alliance. For Marsha in particular it’s one lesson too far to learn, and her pursuit for justice sets her on a collision course with dangerous opponents who will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden. The elaborate cover-up that follows spills over into the lives of Marsha, Sema and Sian with devastating consequences as all three fight for what seems so terrifyingly out of reach: survival.

Book One concludes with many of the characters at major crossroads in their lives. Crossroads that will remind readers of ones they have themselves faced, and of questions their own lives have demanded they ask: What path will I take? How many more lies will I tell? Just how far will I need to go to protect the ones I love, and would I be capable of going that far?