Two main courses, basket of warm pitta bread, drinks: Approximately £25 – £30

    My middle name ‘Asli’ is a well-known Turkish name. I’ve always wondered if this led to my childhood fascination with the culture. Some of my favourite music on the planet is Turkish, some of my dearest friends are Turkish and not only have I been made an “Honorary Turk” but one or two people are certain that I must have been Turkish in a past life.

    Whilst I don’t recall any previous incarnations, it’ll perhaps come as no surprise that in this life my favourite restaurant in London serves the most delicious Turkish food I’ve ever tasted. At one point I ate at Fez Mangal so often that friends and colleagues were convinced I owned shares!

    From grilled chicken kebabs, lamb and fish, to mixed meat combinations and the tastiest complimentary dips, there’s plenty to choose from. All meat and fish dishes come served on a bed of the fluffiest cooked rice and salad accompanied by a basket of freshly grilled pitta bread so soft, so warm I can still remember groaning with delight the first time I tried it. And whilst I accept vegetarian options are extremely limited and uninspiring on some menu’s I don’t think anyone could accuse Fez of the same. Not when there’s the option of the Veggie Skewer (a truly decadent dish of aubergines, courgettes, onions, peppers with fresh tomato sauce and rice), the Humus and Falafel wraps or indeed a choice of the crunchiest, freshest salads known to man. Did I mention all of the starters are also vegetarian?

    Only one dessert is served (Baklava – thin pastry with pistachio) but after a starter and/or a main course there’s not much room for dessert so frankly it’s never bothered me. A variety of juices as well as soft and hot drinks are on offer, and though alcohol is not sold customers are welcome to bring their own wine with cork screws provided free of charge. There’s also a takeaway menu, meaning you can place and collect orders.

    I’m yet to meet anyone who’s sampled the cuisine at Fez, be it eat-in or takeaway, and been anything but impressed. And there are few other places I know where you get such good value for money. The food is so delicious and the portions so generous you’re likely to do a double-take of the bill and worry they added it up wrong! Not only that, the location is central and the service is second to none. But really, there’s no need to take my word for it…go and see for yourself. But, a word of warning: be sure to go prepared. Do not be surprised or embarrassed if you start to froth at the mouth. You’re only human.

    NB: Whilst it pains me to admit it, I should probably take this opportunity to declare that I hold no shares in Fez Mangal. I would dearly love to but unfortunately I don’t, which on the plus side means this review is 100% impartial and entirely my own, unbiased opinion.

    Fez Mangal
    W11 1PY

    TELEPHONE: 020 7229 3010


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