Festive Young Woman Giving Her Dog a Bone for Christmas


I had no less than four separate team lunches and dinners for Christmas festivities last month. That’s right. FOUR! I’ve been at my current job for just over seven years now and in that time I’ve worked my way up through various roles, meaning I’ve had the pleasure of forming not only solid professional partnerships but genuine friendships to boot.

So Christmas always feels like the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends from work (old and new) over food, drink and – you’ve guessed it – more food! I tend not to select the traditional lunch or dinner options on restaurant menus i.e. turkey/chicken and all the trimmings as I prefer to wait and eat my actual Christmas dinner with family on the day itself.

To post images of all that I ate during the holidays would border on shameful, so to preserve some dignity a very modest sample of the delectable meals enjoyed now follows:



XMAS Collage

How about you? What if anything did you guys get up to for Christmas meals/parties/get-togethers in 2014?


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